A simple utility that exports Trial Balances from QuickBooks Desktop

Offers 10 additional options that QuickBooks Desktop does not have!
  • Period Change Trial Balance
  • Trial Balance by Class Code for P&L accounts
  • Exports the account numbers separate from the account name
  • Exports 12 monthly period changes in columns
  • Provides a class name replacement table
  • Appends class name before the G/L account number
  • Debits and Credits in one column
New in 6.1
  • Remote Server Editions
  • Column for TaxLine code
  • Column for account name in addition to Account: Subaccount
  • Export option with no headers or total
New in 6.2
  • Journal Entry Export option. Period change with up to 12 months in one column.

Suggested Uses:
  • Migrate monthly summary history from QuickBooks to a new accounting program
  • Report subsidiaries' monthly activity (period change) to your home office
  • Franchise reporting by store (By class name)
  • Analyzing financial data in Excel
  • Importing to a write-up, tax or audit software
  • Create data to Start a new QuickBooks data file, Yardi, Intacct, Netsuite
  • Create data to import into ProSystems fx Engagement
  • Prepare QuickBooks Trial Balance data for import
  • 4-4-5 Period Reporting

A third-party app approved by Intuit https://desktop.apps.com/

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Note!! TBX 6.1 Setup.exe is currently not signed with a certificate.
You may get a "DRep" domain reputation virus warning. Domain reputation is not a virus but based on, not just code signing certificates, but the number of downloads through the antivirus vendor's servers. This we can not control. We are working on acquiring a certificate. You may need to inactivate your anti-virus program to download TBX but please remember to turn it right back on!

TBX 6.2 will contain a certificate
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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For Remote Desktop (Terminal Server) Installations

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30 Day License perfect for one-time use when migrating history

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Single PC Installation

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