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Trial Balance Exporter 6.2.5 (1-5 User Remote Server Version)
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This version is for QuickBooks accessed and run on a remote server.

1) Manual - Download here

2) TBX Program in Trial mode - Download

Download (Do not Run) the setup.exe program to a folder on your computer.
Find and run the setup file to install.
The unregistered program runs in Trial Mode. No need to re-install after purchase.
The Trial Mode is limited to exporting the first 25 accounts and will be out of balance.
If you have a long chart of accounts, the trial may not show an example of P&L class codes.
Try testing a QuickBooks sample company or review the samples available below:

Click to review sample reports:

**No refunds.** Please read FAQs, manual and try the Trial Version before purchasing.
Activation Code $479.95


Technical Specs


Remote Server Edition

The fastest and easiest way to export balances from QuickBooks Desktop when QuickBooks is accessed and run on a remote server.

TBX provides additional options when exporting a Trial Balance to Excel:

  1. Exports class codes for Profit & Loss accounts
  2. Exports date ranges or "Period Change" in addition to "As of" dates
  3. Exports account numbers in their own column instead of embedded with the description
  4. Exports balances in one column instead of separate debit and credit columns
  5. Provides a class code replacement table
  6. Appends class codes before the account number
  7. Export option for period change in 12 monthly columns plus grand total
  8. New! Exports the TaxLine code
  9. New! Exports the account name in addition to Account: Subaccount
  10. New Export option with no headers or total
  11. New! Journal Entry Export
TBX is fast and easy!