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Have you "lost" another write-up client to QuickBooks?
Yet another client has decided to compile their own general ledger?

Chances are, they still need your firm to prepare a compilation.
Their QuickBooks generated reports may be fine for management purposes, but properly prepared compilations may be necessary for banks and boards.

It may be in your client's best interest for them to automate their daily accounting chores, but they may need you to stay involved by reconciling, reviewing, editing and closing their general ledger.

Your first task is to educate the client on the fact that QuickBooks is a TOOL, just like a calculator or pen. Owning a drafting pencil does not make a person an engineer. Nor does software make someone a full charge bookkeeper or accountant without education. Depending on the complexity of their company and their knowledge of accounting, you can create many different types of engagements. From daily/weekly hand holding to monthly closings to only annual reviews.

For too many years, I insisted that we write-up general ledgers in our office, while at the same time trying to keep the two sets of books in sync. QuickBooks is a fine general ledger program. Believe me, there is NO money working this scenario. I finally decided to let QuickBooks be THE G/L and then import the net changes into my write up program for the financials.

Why fight it? Just control it!

TBX enables you to import monthly QuickBooks net change trial balances into your write-up program. Be creative!