Reasons to keep your Write-up program:
- Superior financial statement design.
- Ability to design reports based on units of sales, etc.
- Document Management and Web portal capabilities.
- Utilize years of accumulated history for comparative purposes.
- QuickBooks financial report writer does not handle departmental reports well.

Reasons to use QuickBooks Accountant's addition for Write-up:
- Ease of use; less learning curve than traditional write-up packages.
- Write up staff become an additional revenue stream supporting QuickBooks
- Quick fill and drill down features
- No month end closings or rolling back periods to make changes.
- Enhanced payroll provides all state and federal payroll returns, W2s, 1099s
- QuickBooks Accountant's version includes After-the-fact payroll entry

How do you use both??
Once you are done using QuickBooks for the write-up, simply export a monthly net change Trial Balance using
TBX Trial Balance Exporter and then import into your write-up program using a Trial Balance Exporter program.