Why I now use QuickBooks Desktop for Payroll clients:
- Less learning curve for my staff
- "Payroll Firm" Branded Payroll reports
- E-Pay taxes directly from QuickBooks
- Enhanced version provides all state and federal returns
- Ease of exporting reports to Excel. Great for client requested reports.
- Reporting for Workers Comp Audits
Providing clients with journal entries for their payroll:
- I use the Trial Balance Exporter utility (TBX) to create a net change trial balance for the pay period requested.
When not to use QuickBooks for payroll:
- QuickBooks will not handle employees who work in multiple states in the same pay period.
An employee can change states, but not get paid for working in two states at one time.
Electronically filing W2s and 1099s:
I highly recommend using the QuickBooks add-on "Mag-Filer"